You Have the Power To…

Lies. The negative stories we tell ourselves each day. They steal your opportunities, peace-of-mind and relaxed state. Why do we do this to ourselves? How come we believe it when we tell ourselves we can’t do “X” or have “Y.?” Who put these fantasies into our precious minds?


Today I’m going to let you in on a little secret most people don’t want you to know. Especially the ones controlling your time, energy and money.

You have the power to…


Stress gets its fuel from the lies you tell yourself, believe and act on. It ignites the “ghosts” of imagined failures, setbacks and obstacles, which rarely appear the way we picture them.

The more you believe the lies of limitation you have told yourself, guess what?

The more you diminish your inner-power to change your life and circumstances.

It’s said by mental health experts, our beliefs are solidified by the time we’re eight-years-old. Think about that. Can you imagine this?

By age eight you decide your fate. You choose the rest of your life until…

You decide to take your POWER back and use it for good.

Use it to change what you tell yourself. Use it to change your life, circumstances and outcomes. Here’s the best thing about your power to change…

It can lower your stress.

When you train your mind to entertain and dwell on thoughts that will serve you, something CLICKS. Over time you start ignoring the negative thoughts, embrace the positive ones and you literally feel better.

So, how do you ignite, start and keep this SUPER POWER rolling? How can you get your stress to levels you deserve to enjoy as in RELAXATION?

Step #1: Ask “Thought Questions”

The next time you get a negative thought ask yourself “Thought Questions.”

“Is this thought serving me or hurting me?”

“Who would I be if I stopped thinking this thought?”

Right there, you isolate the WHY of your negative thought patterns. This is key, because what you think is how you feel is how you act. They all lead to your RESULTS.

Step #2: Dwell On Good Thoughts

Ever catch yourself dwelling on your wedding day, first child being born or the time you did something AWESOME at work? I have great news…

You have more positive experiences you can turn into daily thoughts than you do negative ones! Choose to dwell on the good thoughts stored in your mind.

One of the reasons we suffer from stress is we dwell on the negative in our lives. Time for a change.

Step #3: Stay in “Eviction Status”

Property management companies have a wonderful system for running rental or lease properties. They constantly take tenants in and when necessary evict the “bad ones.” Why?

You can’t run a profitable operation if you’re stuck in the negative.

The same is true with your thoughts. Make it a habit to evict negative thoughts that don’t serve you. You have the power to take thoughts in. Use the same power to evict the ones that don’t serve you well.

Step #4: Watch for Changes

All of this “mind work” won’t be easy, because we’re experts at dwelling on and entertaining the negative in our heads.

As you do these steps watch for changes in your life. I noticed the other day I have more peace, less stress and smile more, because I constantly evict negative thought patterns.


Most of the negative you believe will happen, won’t. Don’t waste time giving it a home by renting space in your head. A funny thing about negative thoughts….

Like a virus, they’re never satisfied with what they’ve eaten. They need to feed, constantly.

Feed yourself what’s good for your mind. Remove the negative and you will remove excess stress from your life.