Why Speed “Kills” in Work Injuries

One day at a retirement home a Nurse runs towards a client’s room. She got an alert the client fell. She reaches the open door and dashes through. One problem; she didn’t see the puddle of water, first. She fell and landed on her back.

At work speed is an epidemic for professionals. The “speed” of the internet has give professionals the false belief everything should be fast. How dangerous can speed be at work?

Speed and Work Injuries

Speed at work can lead to injuries and other mishaps. Which ones are you practicing as a working professional?

  1. Lifting Too Fast

In my massage career I see it all the time. Injured professionals taking a “shortcut” to lift something, faster. This does not save time. It increases your chances of being out of work for extended periods.

Solution: Lift objects by bending your knees and straightening your back at the same time as you lift. This gives you maximum power to lift. It can also save your back from injury.

2. Walking Fast

Sounds like a time-saver, right? Add in texting as you walk. Practicing “distracted walking” can bring the same result as distracted driving; an accident waiting to happen!

Solution: Slow down. In my experience problems like to stick around. They will be there when you arrive. Keep your eyes alert and away from cell phones, pagers, etc.

3. Multi-Tasking

Working on two-four things at once is not productive. It’s like trying to win the World Series of Poker and the Double-Dutch Jump Rope contest at the same time; It does not work! Multi-tasking can lead to unpredictable injuries and higher stress.

Solution: Focus on one work task at a time. You will get more done. You will be able to think clearer, so you can move on to the next task.

Be the “Tortoise” Not the “Hare”

Why did the tortoise beat the hare? Simple; The slower you move the more you see. The more you see the more you can do. Moving too fast allows you to miss things at work. It forces you to double back and redo what got missed. Ironic, since now you have to waste time doing what could have been done sooner.

As a professional in your field, practicing slowing down. You will lower your stress, decrease your chance of injury and get more done.

Clyde McDade is the Certified Neuromuscular Therapist in Thurston County. He specializes in helping professionals overcome pain and stress.