Why I Kept Dozing Off At Stoplights…

The honk of the horn behind me said it all. I snapped awake. I was close to the convenience store to get my “fix” of Doritos and juice. I felt like I had been asleep for an hour. It was long enough for the driver behind me to honk and wake me up. What happened?

Dozing off at stoplights is no fun. The first time it happened it didn’t phase me. The next few times at the same time of day, caught my attention. What was wrong? Working too hard?

A visit to my Nurse Practitioner revealed the truth. I had “Low T.”

When she first told me I nearly fell out of my chair. I’m a man, so how could I have it? Naturally she told me the stats. Basically after age 30 those “Mr. T’s” start to diminish.

Her prescription of a Low T supplement got me back on track. It was nice to have back my “man energy” and feel alive. No more dozing off at stoplights on my way from home.

Her original diagnosis got my wheels turning. What did I need to do to get my health back on track? Not too long after that in 2016, something surprising happened.

I got started on something I never believed in. In fact, I didn’t think they would work. Adding in a good diet and exercise and sleep, helped too. Well guess what? I’m still taking em!

If you’re a Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or other prescribing physician, here’s what I can tell you…

When someone comes to see you and you do a great job of diagnosing them, you can change the direction of their health. You have the power to get their “radar” zeroed in to find and use, healthier choices.

Oh and that “something” I’ve been taking since 2016? You can check it out below, Health Care Pros!

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