Why Change is Good

The massive set of dominoes looked perfect! Each one was set at an angle. To change this would be near “blasphemy.” With one tip of a finger the man nudged one domino forward. It started a chain reaction.

Soon, the domino’s were falling, creating a symphony of synchronized movement. They all fell and revealed a pattern more beautiful than the one before it.

The “Butterfly Effect” of Change

We hate change. How much? Psychologists say people crave order more than food and sex. I don’t know about you, but that’s an amazing claim about the human psyche.

Why is change so good for you?

If you keep your “old order” nothing good will happen in your life. Change removes what’s dead, useless and ineffective, so you can have and give, what’s BETTER.

Three Reasons to Embrace Change

Here are three quick reasons to embrace change. Each one has changed my life in ways I never thought possible.

Reason #1: Get Help

I prefer to do my massage marketing, myself. One problem; It wasn’t working. I couldn’t see all the angles. I hired a friend of mine who knows more about marketing than I do! His help is growing my practice. So, here’s the deal…

Nobody is questioning your smarts, guts or drive. But you’re not Iron Man, Superman or Wonder Woman. You need help, because someone sees the angles you don’t. Best part? They WANT to help you! Let em.

Reason #2: “Out There” is “In Here”

Huh? The amazing, dreamy things you want are inside you. The new house, car, job or business isn’t going to do it for you. Personal development pushes you to pull the real you from the inside out to achieve what you need and want.

Too many of us make the mistake of looking for “THE ANSWER” in the external. No, focus on your inward self and grow. You will see “fruit” you never knew you had.

Reason #3: Winners Change

And you’re a WINNER! You think Michael Jordan would have garnered six NBA titles by not practicing? Only in his dreams. Winning teams, businesses, organizations and people crave, pursue and live CHANGE.

It’s how you spot what to improve, remove, grow and achieve. Without change, losing becomes your new habit and reality. Not fair when you consider, most of what you want to accomplish isn’t about you anyway.

Bottom Line…

Choose one thing you need to change about yourself in 2020. Get to work on it today. Get the book, course, coach, whatever you need to make change happen. The REAL YOU and others are waiting on the other side of your change.

Clyde McDade is the Certified Neuromuscular Therapist in Washington state. He’s also an author and speaker.