When You Work Too Much…

I’ve seen it too many times. Clients who work themselves to the bone. One reason is because of their workload. The American Institute of Stress says 46% of American employees complain their workload is the main source of their daily stress.

Why do we work so hard?

One reason is because, it’s “The American Way.” We’re taught as a Toddler, you have to work HARD to get what you want. Interesting, because most of the successful people I know don’t work hard every day. They work smarter.

The second reason is we fail to use the one-word “super power” available to every earthling. Bottom line, when you work too much you lose yourself.

Today, I want to help you find and get back your peace and serenity. So, here are some “Chill Tips” to working less and produce more of what’s good in your life.

Chill Tip #1: Lighten Your Load

What responsibilities are you supposed to fulfill at work? Do you know what your required job tasks are during your day? Do those and give back the ones that don’t belong to you!

Too many employees do more than they’re supposed to. The healthcare industry is notorious for their infamous, “double and triple-shifts.” You’re told you’re a great employee and hard worker for filling up on work.

Don’t take the bait!

Lighten your load, by not overworking or taking on job duties that belong to someone else.

Chill Tip #2: Say NO

Okay, I’ve explained this before; But learn to say “NO” when you need to. Most employees are exhausted, because they don’t know how to say no to more work. Internal myths, “I need the money” and “I’m just trying to help” won’t work long-term.

Your body, health and sanity need a break.

Your vacation times is scheduled permission to say NO! This tells everyone when and for how long you won’t work. Don’t skip your vacation time, use it.

Chill Tip #3: Slow Down

I don’t care how many time management tips, apps or gizmos you put in place. Stress has a sneaky way of pushing you over the cliff at work. Learn to slow down, so you can get more done.

It’s better to spend half your day on one task instead of trying to get a million things done in eight or more hours.

Schedule time in your work calendar for the important tasks, first. Everything else you can take care of during the rest of your week. Here’s what you will find; what’s urgent wastes time. Do the important things first and you will have more time to handle the urgent.

Chill Tip #4: Use Your “Purge System”

How often do you “Spring Clean” your work space? Do you let things pile up until you need a dump truck to remove it all? Every 30-90 days review your work space. Create and use a “Purge System” to get rid of what you no longer need.

People and places like Goodwill, friends, family and coworkers will gladly take some of your stuff. Update outdated systems with ones allowing automation and less work on your part.

Practicing these tips can lead to less stress and relaxed muscles. All while you’re enjoying your work day!

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