What Should I Do About Back Pain After a Car Accident?

Car accidents can cause serious injuries. These include neck and back pain. So what should you do about back pain after a car accident?

I’ve treated clients injured in car accidents for twenty-five years. Today, I’ll share my “Back Pain Checklist” if you’ve been in a car accident.

Your “Back Pain Checklist”

Step #1: Get Medical Attention

After a car accident your body can be deceiving. The “adrenaline rush” helps you make instant decisions. This helps you avoid further damage to yourself, vehicle and others. It even gives your muscles a burst of energy for extra strength.

This is one reason you may not feel any symptoms right after a car accident. Most people I’ve massaged after a car accident are surprised. Within 24-72-hours symptoms such as low-back pain can be felt.

After your car accident get medical attention. I especially recommend this even if you schedule an appointment with your regular doctor. They will spot any “trouble spots” such as low-back pain.

Step #2: Follow Your Treatment Plan

Nothing good happens without a solid plan. If you have back pain, due to a car accident, listen to your doctor. They will create a treatment plan to get your back working again.

Part of your treatment plan may include being referred for chiropractic, physical therapy or massage therapy. Whatever their treatment plan is, follow it.

Step #3: Pay Attention to Your Body

Nobody knows your body better than you. Each day pay attention to your body. How does your back feel when you do certain activities? Is your back pain waking you up at night? Are you able to work?

Paying attention to your body tells you what you need. Don’t ignore the “signs” your body is giving you. They alert you to what needs to be improved, so you can get help.

Step #4: Request a Referral for Neuromuscular Therapy

Let me tell you a secret about back pain. Often times in rear-end accidents one gets lower-back pain. They will get treatment and the pain goes away. Within 24-48-hours the pain comes back. Why?

Your stomach muscles (illiopsoas) were not treated! These muscles protect the vital organs in and around your stomach. They tighten and strain in events like a car accident.

To release pressure they send referred pain and tension to your lower-back. I use neuromuscular massage to carefully release your stomach muscles. This will help relieve and in some cases stop lower-back pain.

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I look forward to helping you overcome pain and stress!