What Anxiety Does to Your Muscles

According to www.healthline.com, there are “Twelve Affects of Anxiety On the Body.”  Today, I want to focus on the eleventh thing anxiety does to you.  Anxiety causes muscle pain and tension.  Why is this important?

Anxiety can ignite your “Stress and Emotions Creation Cycle.”  This is the cycle which causes stress to affect your emotions, organs and overall health. 

If your stress increases, it can affect your sleep and create other health issues.  Here three ways anxiety affects your muscles and how you can slow them down to relax….

Affect #1: Increase Muscular Pain

When your anxiety increases, your breathing follows.  Your muscles of inspiration (breathing in and out) can overwork themselves.  Once your muscles are too tense and painful, they send or refer excess pain and stress to other muscles.

Neuromuscular massage relaxes your muscles of inspiration.  Although not a cure for anxiety, it can relax your muscles, lowering your muscular pain.  Neuromuscular massage effectively fights muscular tension.  With additional, simple stretching you can reduce your muscular pain, further.

Affect #2: Causes Tension Headaches

Your muscles are like giant rubber bands.  The more they get used the tighter or “knotted up” they get.  Massage, water and stretching can help loosen them.  Neuromuscular massage focuses on your tense muscles.  It loosens them, so your tension headaches lessen in intensity and duration.

Affect #3: Lack of Sleep

You have better things to do than toss and turn all night!  Anxiety keeps the “train moving” when it comes to negative thought patters, affecting your sleep.  A lack of sleep can lead to low energy, lack of focus and other issues.

Neuromuscular massage calms your body.  It signals your central nervous system and brain to relax.  Regular massages can help improve your sleep.  If you’re taking medication for anxiety, check with your doctor before getting massage. 

You want to make sure your medication doesn’t interact negatively with massage therapy.

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Note:  Neuromuscular and other forms of massage therapy are not cure for anxiety.  Seek the advice, treatment and counsel from a qualified Doctor, Counselor or other specialist who treats the symptoms of anxiety.