Trying to Control My Eating Used to Feel Like…

Doritos. The one cheesy, delicious, ever-tasty chip I couldn’t shake. Toss in a cheeseburger with fries and I was HOOKED! That’s the tough part I had about food control…

I had none.

The journey I’ve been on with my health since 2016 has been a battle. But it’s one I have finally gotten under control.

These days I eat cleaner, sleep better and have more energy. My late night “snack attacks” of ice cream, chips and other goodies are a thing of the past.

Trying to control my eating used to be like SLAVERY to FOOD. What changed?

Supplementation led to more energy, better eating, exercising and sleeping well, consistently. And make no mistake the consistent part is still a battle. But I’m more consistent than I used to be.

Point is, you can do this. I know eating can be tough for you too. You know you need to eat, sleep, exercise, but “life on the go” gets in the way.

Sometimes you feel like you can’t get off the wheel. Trust me there’s a way out. Curiously enough its what you’re doing to stay on the wrong “wheel of health…”

Decide to start and practice healthier habits.

Be okay with failing as you go. Decide to keep at it until the “magic happens.”

Something else helped when it came to supplementation. Education. Check out what I learned about gut health. Maybe it will help you too.

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