The “Workplace Stress Lies”

Have you discovered the “workplace stress lies?” Each one is designed to stop you from having the peace you need at work. After working with high-stressed professionals for 24-years, I have learned what they are.

For the first time I’m sharing them with you. My goal is to help you to relax, get more done and fight off excess stress!

Lie #1: You Don’t Have Enough Time

Says who? We all get 24-hours in a day. Why do others get more done than some? Like a budget they assign each minute to a task. If you’re saying you don’t have enough time, recheck your day. You will discover your “interrupters.” These include scrolling through social media, etc.

Truth: Once you schedule time blocks for tasks, accept no interruptions. Hit “do not disturb” on your phone. Ignore emails and other tasks that can wait until your real work is done.

Lie #2: You Have to Do It

Really? Maybe it’s the superhero movies we binge on. Could it be the “Lone Ranger Syndrome?” Either way, you don’t have to do every task at work. Working for someone usually means you have a team. Use their talents!

Truth: Even Golfers have Caddies. Quarterbacks have Offensive Linemen. Point is, share your daily burden with your coworkers. You will get more done in less time as you delegate your tasks.

Lie #3: You Must Do It Now

No you don’t. I tell my massage clients some work tasks can wait. They have learned most people’s emergencies are not emergencies. Treating every work task like a burning building will drive your stress through the ceiling.

Truth: Letting things wait when they need to will lower your stress. I check my email in the afternoon. Why? The same “problems” will be there later in the day. They will get resolved. So will yours.

Put these “truths” into practice. Over time you will get more done and lower your stress.

Clyde McDade is the Certified Neuromuscular Therapist in Washington state. He’s the author of the upcoming eBook, “The Nurses Guide to Solving the 4 Problem-Types.”