The “Dirty Habit” That Cleans Your Mind

The rocks go “crunch, crunch” as I walk along the lake path. Puffs of dirt settle onto my shoes and I’m not pleased. But something wonderful has just happened; I solved a PROBLEM I couldn’t before.

At times I might step wet grass crossing one path to get to another. Other times I may catch a batch of birds chilling on the stone pillar of an embankment right on the lake.

I love to walk on dirt paths. They provide me with a sense of authenticity, calm and focus, which eludes you in “work mode.”

Thoughts of bills, deadlines, paydays, insurance companies and more, fade away like yesterday’s news cycle. These thoughts throw you off your game in BIG ways! You can’t see what’s coming or how to deal with it.

If you haven’t walked on a dirt path, I’d highly recommend it. The practice gives you delicious, “mind-candy” your brain and creative powers, die for. Here are some other things you will experience too.

Experience #1: Alone Time

Don’t get me wrong. I love being around those I love. I enjoy my clients, writing and other endeavors. But something special happens when you get alone. Everything smells, looks and sounds different.

If you’re brave enough to tell others “NO” and go do you, the experience of being with self won’t disappoint you.

I say this, because you forget how cool you are. The world is literally a better place, cause you’re in it. Enjoy yourself!

Experience #2: The Truth

It usually hits me like the waves at the ocean in winter. The cold, hard, but beautiful truth about something or someone. This heavenly clarity brings something as elusive as a clue in a great mystery novel; DIRECTION.

Getting clear direction is like hitting a bullseye. You know you’re on to something and it’s time for a change. Thinking while walking on dirt paths opens your mind to solutions you didn’t think of before.

This “door” opens, because you’re no longer distracted by “The Matrix.” That trickster of a day, which lies, fools and confuses you. Once a truth hits you, grab it, keep it, covet it like a baseball-sized diamond!

Experience #3: The Possibilities

Remember those? When you were young, I bet possibilities wrapped you like a warm blanket in winter. The places you wanted to visit, things you dreamed to do. Then it happened…

Reality struck like lightening after college, high school, marriage and KIDS! Suddenly, visions of California surfing, or whatever kept you day dreaming, vanished like a thief in the night.

Dirt path walking wakes you up to new possibilities. You may not be “hanging 10”, but new dreams, endeavors and adventures wait for you. Let them come to mind like kids to a water balloon fight on a hot summers day!

The “dirty habit” of dirt path walking can cleanse your mind and soul, if you let it. What’s the difference between a concrete and dirt path? No different than the “RED pill or BLUE pill”…………

One will be predictable. The other…..