What Are the Best Methods to Relieve Stress?

COVID-19 has sent people home. Working from home has turned routines upside down. In times like these stress relief is needed.

Have you wondered, “what are the best methods to overcome stress?” Well today I’m starting the “Stress Relief Series” to answer your question.

This will be the first of twenty-three methods for reducing stress. You can do these at home, work or in places t hat don’t cost much, if anything.

Each one is designed to lower your blood pressure, improve your mental health and cope with stress.

Symptoms of Stress

Stress left unchecked can hurt you in the short-term. Some symptoms of excess stress include…

  • Tension headaches
  • Increased physical tension
  • Poor eating habits
  • Working longer hours
  • Constantly feeling tired

It doesn’t have to be this way! Even working from home can raise your stress levels. Why?

Combining your work and home routine can double your trouble and stress. Take some deep breaths and let’s dive into the first installment of this series.

How Walking Reduces Your Stress

Walking increases your circulation. It lowers stress by increasing the “feel good hormones”, called endorphins.

Working your foot and leg muscles works your heart. Walking allows your body to “blow off steam” or stress.

According a WebMD article walking faster helps you. The article shares, increasing the pace of your walk can reduce the risk of dying early by 24%. Not bad for hitting the bricks for a stroll, right?

Other health benefits includes, your heart getting stronger. Walking also helps you breath properly, so you can release more stress. This is important, because most people hold their stress in.

Walking Provides Clarity

Ever been stressed out, because you can’t solve a problem? Studies show walking brings answers that have escaped you.

Each day I use walking to get clarity. Walking removes the “excess thinking baggage” that comes with problems. Why does this matter?

The longer you can’t solve a problem the more frustrated you can get. Solving problems reduces stress. Start talking walks.

They’re a major source of stress reduction. It’s a physical activity that’s fun, healthy and easy to do.

Walking Can Improve Your Mood

When a Zoom or work project doesn’t go well, walking can help. Walking gives you permission to take a break from the negative space you were in. It pulls you away from the “norm.” It provides an escape.

Getting outside, seeing trees, water and so on, improves your mood. It’s better than images of Zoom meetings, spreadsheets and other “work wear.”

Get outside and walk. Don’t devalue the sight of a large pond or smiling face as you walk.

Start Reducing Your Stress

Your levels of stress must be managed. Few realize there are six levels of stress in your body. They can be increased by any stressful situation.

Refusing to walk or do other healthy activities, can reduce stress in your life and stave off health problems.

We will see you in the next installment of the “Stress Relief Series!”

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