Stressed Out by Coworkers?

Years ago as an employee, there were days I showed up and coworkers got on my nerves. I guarantee you they had days I did the same to them. Ever wonder why gossip, clicks and other issues happen at work? Why most employees aren’t fond of their managers or supervisors?

As a business owner you get some perks. Especially when it comes to training. I took one on “Personality Types.” I was like, ‘how can these affect me, coworkers and our work environment?

Turns out there are 16 personality types. But four are most common in the workplace. I’ll give you one example….

Red Personality Types are “A-Players.” They’re the visionaries and leaders who get things done. They are excellent at “rallying the troops” to take a hill and so on. At work, they create the vision and plan to get the job done.

They can spot who will do the best job in certain positions. Some have learned about the personality-types to lead effectively. Some haven’t. As a result…

One problem with “Big Red’s.” They can leap before they learn. At times they will over-plan, because they think too much. This can drive their personality-type counterparts, NUTS!

The “Red’s” tend to push the other personality-types out of their comfort zones. They need this to happen, so their grand plans come to life. So, how do different personality-types work together? Here are three tips for a less stressful work environment with your coworkers.

Tip #1: Research

Google “personality-types” and you will be shocked at what you find. For example, Green personality-types prefer specific information. They don’t like luck, sales talk or overall nonsense. They have the “B.S. Meter” of a CIA Interrogator! Oh and usually to the chagrin of the Red’s, they’re RIGHT!

The Green’s refuse to let the antics of the Red’s bring the whole team and building, down. They fact-check, measure and make sure whatever the Red’s build will stand.

Tip #2: Don’t Assume

The biggest misconception about the four personality-types, is one or two are weaker than the others. WRONG! Each has their strengths. The Blue’s are the “peace and love” group. They literally want everyone to get along. However, don’t mess with the Blue’s when it comes to social justice.

Kids not getting equal access to free lunch in school? The Blue’s will mail letters and if necessary, picket your campus like union workers, till every child is getting a good, hot meal, twice a day!

Tip #3: Understand Communication Styles

Each personality-type enjoys getting info in certain ways. As a “Red/Yellow”, it drives me nuts when people don’t have a visual. It’s like walking in the dark with no hope of light. Red’s can’t get behind what they can’t picture.

The “Yellow’s” despise being preached to. And they ignore the military-style marching orders handed down by Red’s. They prefer a mix of clarity, calmness and a sound plan. Why? They’re easy-going, chill and see all angles. This gives them long-lasting solutions to work problems.

Bottom Line…

It’s worth it to yourself, team and company to understand personality-types. What you learn will become the “game-changer” you’ve been looking for!

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