Stress Relief Training System

As an owner or manager you know stress affects your team and bottom line. According to The American Institute of Stress, 46% of employees said work load is the biggest cause of their workplace stress.

Now there’s a stress-reduction training for agencies and companies. It’s called, the “Stress Relief System Training.” Available in a 1-8-hour format will help your employees learn about…

The Hidden Causes of Stress

Each person has their “stress points.” They’re easily triggered by coworkers, workload and other factors at work. Knowing them allows you to control them, so you can stay calm, focused and productive.

Your “Stress Hurricane”

Everyone has a “storm” brewing inside them. The process of stress-creation in your body is real. Learn how your “stress hurricane” works and how to stop it.

Handling Difficult Co-Workers and Clients

Let’s face it. Sometimes it’s hard to get along with others. This specialized training shows your team how to communicate and respond to difficult people in the workplace.

The “10-5-3-1” Strategy

Problem-solving is key at work. Doing so, lowers stress. Your team will learn the effective “10-5-3-1” Strategy. It makes its easier and fun to solve workplace problems as a team or individual.

Working with Personality Types

Did you know they’re are 16 personality types? It’s one reason stress can rise at work. You will learn how to deal with the four personality types. This powerful module is fun, informative and effective.

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Stress Relief System Training