Do you have tight muscles, due to anxiety? Are you complaining of neck and lower-back pain, due to an auto accident? Have you been missing paychecks, because of a work injury? Certified Neuromuscular Therapist Clyde McDade uses neuromuscular therapy to relieve muscular stress and help your muscles recovery from injuries.

Injury Treatment Massage

Being injured slows you down. It interferes with your life and hurts! Get the relief and bounce-back you need. Clyde uses neuromuscular massage to loosen and relax your injured muscles. He has 23 years of experience with auto and work injury massage.

Deep-Tissue Massage

Combat the effects of muscular stress with deep-tissue massage! It quickly releases the built-up tension in your muscles. Great for stopping tension headaches in their tracks.

Relaxation Club

There’s nothing like having “perks” as a member. Your “Relaxation Club” membership includes a monthly, deep-tissue massage. Easy on your wallet, cancel any time and relax!

Stress Relief Training System

Buried under a workload you can’t take anymore? Are your coworkers driving you nuts? Is your work environment tenser than a tight rope? The Stress Relief System Training shows agencies and companies how to relieve stress on the job.

Below are additional massage services available. Treat yourself and they’re the perfect gift for someone you know!

Tension Headache Buster

A tension headache clamps down on your neck and head muscles like a vice. It’s hard to think or move. Enjoy relaxing massage for your head, neck, and facial muscles.

TMJ Massage Service

Did you know TMJ or Temporomandibular Disorder is twice as common in women than men? This massage service offers relief from tension headaches and jaw pain, associated with TMJ.

Soothing Hands Massage Treatment

How often do you use your hands at work? This specialized massage treat pampers your hands, forearms, and shoulders. It increases circulation and relieves muscular tension.

Pamper My Feet Mini-Treatment

Your feet take a pounding, daily. Treat them with the exclusive massage prize for your feet, ankles, and lower legs! Hot towels and nice scents included.

Hospice Massage

Clients enjoy the comfort of therapeutic touch in their homes or healthcare facilities. No clothing needs to be removed. The massage is gentle and comforting. It can be done on your bed, chair or where you’re comfortable.

Chair Massage

Need a quick, relaxing massage? Don’t pass up your chair massage! I have 15, 20 and 30-minute chair massage slots available. Perfect for lunch breaks or to kill some time.