Sales Pros: Do You Care About This?

When I sold advertising products for publications I was under the gun. Each month I had a to hit a number. Hitting or missing that number determined my level of performance. Was a I “bringing home the bacon” or not?

Sales Professionals have to endure something else. How often it happens can cause an ironic problem; it can lower your morale and raise your stress. I’m talking about…

What other people think about you!

The Problem with Thoughts

As a Sales Pro you’re surrounded by people who “think” about you. Not all of what they think is positive. When you’re aware of negative thoughts from colleagues, clients and prospects, most Sales Pros make a big mistake…

You DWELL on the thoughts of others.

Doing so creates three negative outcomes for you.

  1. You replay negative thoughts, which may never happen.
  2. Strain a potentially valuable relationship that can lead to sales.
  3. Stop your momentum during a sales streak.

Today, I want to share a plan with you as a Sales Pro. It can lower your stress and keep your neck and facial muscles, relaxed.

The Sales Pro Plan for Relaxation

The next time those “negative nellies” show up, hit em with this relaxation plan.

Step #1: Dissect the Thought

In biology class I dissected a frog. I had to learn what made it “tick.” You can do the same thing with negative thoughts. Instead of letting it control you, slice that puppy open! Ask a few questions about it…

*Why is this thought hitting me now?

*Where did it come from?

*How will it help me sell?

In the end you will discover what others think of you is only as powerful as you let those thoughts be.

Step #2: List the Pros and Cons

A Sales Pro I know taught me an effective decision tool. Faced with deciding to do something he lists the pros and cons of doing something. Here’s what he said.

“Clyde, after you count up the pros and cons check your list. If the pros outweigh the cons, do it. If the cons outweigh the pros, don’t do it.”

Do the same thing with what others say and think about you. What are the pros and cons of replaying that negativity in your mind? Will they help your sales career or no?

Step #3: Do It Anyway

Ever decide to do something to boost your career? You share it with colleagues and they shoot it down in the name of “helping you?” Do it anyway! Why?

When it comes to overriding your decisions most people are wrong. No one knows you better than yourself. Don’t fall victim to the “help” of others. Going for your dreams as a Sales Pro requires risk.

Taking calculated risks can change your career, wallet and life. The next time someone shoots down your bright idea, do it anyway.

The Benefits of Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Overcoming negative thought patterns provide many benefits. Here’s a list of a few Sales Pros like you enjoy.

Benefit #1: Increased Confidence

Not caring about what others say or think about you, raises your confidence. When your “measuring stick” is based on what you say and think about you, life changes for the better. Remember something…

Confidence is focus in action.

You’re focused on who you are, what you do and how you do it. Everything else is just NOISE!

Benefit #2: Increased Sales

Don’t believe it? Talk to the top Sales Pro in your company. Guess what? I promise you they spend less time around the water cooler of gossip than others. They’re too busy selling more! Join them.

In his classic book, “The Little Red Book of Selling”, author Jeffrey Gitomer has a memorable chapter. It’s called, “Kick Your Own &^%$!” It talks about not waiting for someone to kick your tail to sell.

The same principle applies with others negativity towards you. Kick your confidence in the hide and get to work. Doing so will raise your sales numbers.

Benefit #3: More Relaxation

Profitable Sales Pros know how to relax. They will schedule days at the spa, get a massage, vacation, etc. Why? They know how to reward themselves. When you have the commission checks to back it up, relaxation becomes part of your skill set.

You seek out ways to relax, because relaxation equals clarity. Clear thinking as a Sales Pro can lead to big ideas and more sales.

Don’t get trapped in the “They Think Tank.” Lower your stress, relax your muscles and sell more.