Overcome Your F.E.A.R.

Looking at the numbers the COVID-19 virus looks overwhelming. If you check the CDC website, things may look bleak. The “facts” are everywhere. Some are true and some aren’t.

In our local grocery stores where I live the shelves have been emptied of certain items. Toilet paper, meat and dairy products just to name a few. People are moved more by their F.E.A.R. than the facts.

We know COVID-19 is ten times deadlier than the flu. It’s also not a normal flu. Finally, there’s no known cure or vaccine. So what do you do when it comes to F.E.A.R.? Here are a few things you can do to overcome it no matter what “shakes your tree.”

Step #1: Facts

The best way to overcome F.E.A.R. is to get the facts. No matter what situation you’re dealing with, what’s real is what matters. Why? You can’t plan and move forward until you know what the facts are. For latest facts on the COVID-19 virus, visit the CDC site, here.

Step #2: Evaluate Everything

Facebook, Instagram, email, television and radio. News about the COVID-19 virus is everywhere. What should you believe? I have good news! See, it turns our you’re pretty sharp. You have been on this earth awhile and “know the ropes.” Evaluate everything you hear and see in your situation.

Don’t panic or buckle to any information. In business, home, virus-time and other circumstances evaluate everything. When you do, you will get the clarity you need to move forward.

Step #3: Action

There’s a concept called “The Zone of Proximity.” It basically shares not to worry about something until it happens or gets in your “zone.” My zone is when I get certain healthcare updates about this virus from the CDC and health pros on the ground fighting it.

What’s your “zone?” When do you take action? You have an internal alarm telling you when to act. Follow it, but remember something. You can’t take action until you know the facts and evaluate them.

Step #4: Relax and Reflect

Right now I’m hunkered down in my home office, writing this post. But something else has been happening since most Washingtonians have been practicing “Social Distancing.” I’m relaxing and reflecting.

Take this time to relax. Reflect on changes you need to make. What are the projects you need to get done? Trust me my friend, you GOT THIS! Don’t let an invisible virus get you down. Relaxing and reflecting will bring you breakthroughs you have been missing.