Is This Threatening Your Productivity?

If you’re working from home, my hat is off to you. As a mom or dad with kids, staying productive during this pandemic isn’t easy. But somehow you get the job done. One thing may be threatening your productivity.

You feel it in your neck, back and shoulder muscles. It stops you from working in “the flow.” It causes you to stop and start. Sometimes it may kill your productivity altogether.

The American Institute of Stress says, 83% of American employees believe this happens to them in their workplace. What is it?

The Cycle of Stress

Your “Stress and Emotions Creation Cycle” works in six stages. As time, tasks and your environment pile up, your emotions react. The more you react the more you overreact. This leads to excessive stress.

Too much and your muscles get affected. Large amounts of stress can limit your movements and threaten your productivity. You don’t need this in your work-from-home life. You need something to combat the cycle of stress, so you can stay productive.

How to Break Stress Patterns

The Advanced Deep-Tissue Massage breaks the pattern of muscular stress.  It increases your blood circulation and cuts down tension headaches.  Add in stretching and you create the combo needed to defeat your daily stress.

Why does it work?

Massage interrupts the stress cycle and patterns in you. Getting regular massage signals your muscles, mind and body to relax. This helps you get more done with less stress.

Don’t miss out on being more productive from home. Stave off excess stress. Schedule your Advanced Deep-Tissue Massage today.