Injury Treatment Massage Olympia, WA

In the Spring of 2001 an injured worker came to see my at work. As I approached the front desk, he smiled. He looked at me and said the following…

“I have something to show you outside.”

As we walked outside I could see the parking lot. My client told me as we walked how much better he felt, since getting injury treatment massage from me. That’s when he pointed to what he wanted to show me.

The 2001, black Camero shined in the sunlight. My client told me something I’ll never forget…

“I want you to know Clyde, I was able to work again and buy this car, because of the massage you gave me. Thank you!”

Work Injuries Cost You

Did you know every 7 seconds an employee is injured on the job?

  • 33.3% of job injuries happen, due to overexertion
  • 26% of job injuries happen, due to contact with work equipment
  • 25.8% of job injuries happen, due to slips, trips and falls

In 2017 alone, 104,000,000 work days were lost, because of a job injury. This is one of many reasons why Occupational Medicine and other doctors refer their injured clients to me.

Treating Work Injuries Since 2001

My name is Clyde McDade. I’m the Injury Treatment Massage Therapist in Olympia, WA. I specialize in neuromuscular massage for auto and work injuries.

  • Licensed and insured to do injury treatment massage in the state of Washington.
  • Easy online scheduling, so you can choose your appointment times on the go, from home or work.
  • I have 23 years of clinical and relaxation massage experience.
  • Accepting auto and L&I claims, so you don’t pay out-of-pocket.
  • Receive massage in a safe, professional and people-friendly environment, because hate isn’t practiced here.
  • Plenty of parking in a medical complex with security patrols.

I can help you return to work and your normal routine, using the…

Work Safe Massage System

The Work Safe Massage System is my 5-step system to help you recover your job injuries. It includes neuromuscular therapy massage, dynamic stretching and other factors.

My goal is to return you to work as quickly possible.

Have you been injured in an auto or work accident? Schedule below, by selecting the “Injury Treatment Massage-Bill My Insurance” tab. Or call me at 360.763.9439. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have!

I look forward to helping you relieve your injured muscles.