How You Hold Yourself Back

People are funny. We have the incredible ability to stop ourselves from doing what want to do. Here’s the scariest part…

Nobody forces us to do it.

How do you hold yourself back? Here 5 barriers we use to “Houdini” ourselves into missing the opportunities we deserve.

Barrier #1: Caring About What Others Think

After listening to massage clients over the years, I’ve learned a big lesson. We care too much about what other people think. Please understand something important; what others think won’t help you know if your dream will come true or not. Only action and faith will tell you this.

Solution: Decide what you think, first. If you need the input from others after your “What You Think Session”, feel free to consult someone else.

Barrier #2: People-Pleasing

Imagine you have front row, end zone tickets to the Seahawks in the NFC playoffs at home. Someone you look up to would love to have those tickets. To please them, you give them your prized tickets. Seriously? Yet, we do this to ourselves each day. Back away from a dream, because it pleases others.

Solution: When it comes to your dreams, DO YOU! One blessing is others will benefit from you accomplishing what you want.

Barrier #3: Dwelling on Past Failures

Years ago a young boy and I were on the same volleyball team at a church camp. He got closer to the net to serve, due to a physical impairment. I asked him how come he was getting so close. His answer?

“I can’t hit the ball over the net, because of my arm.”

I asked him, ‘who told you that?’

Stop telling yourself you can’t chase tomorrow’s dreams, because of yesterday’s nightmare failures! Who told you, you can’t bounce back and rock it this time? YOU.

Solution: DO IT ANYWAY! The boy I mentioned above? I had him step further back to serve the ball. He hit it so hard it landed on the opposing teams side and he SCORED! Watch what you tell yourself.

Barrier #4: Comparison

I gotta tell ya, when adults do this it convinces me we’re still playing in the sandbox! I don’t care what you see on Facebook or Instagram. I promise all you’re seeing is someone else’s highlight reel. I doubt they’ll post they got stood up by someone they wanted to date.

Solution: Get to know the REAL YOU through personal development. When you discover how unique and powerful you are, you won’t care what others think about you.

Barrier #5: Fear of Failure

The greatest trick people play on themselves, is the belief they will fail. Guess what? Studies show 87% of what you fear won’t come true. Go for the GOLD in your life! If you land on the stars, life is still pretty bright.

Solution: Set goals that scare you more than a stranger hiding in your attic. Your hidden talents, gifts and drive will pour out like a waterfall!

Bottom Line

Identify your barriers and remove them. Set yourself free, so you can live the life you were meant to live. Others will see this and flock to you, so you can show them how to do the same.

Coming Soon……..

I’m writing a book just for you! It will show you how to identify what holds you back, so you can live the life of your dreams. Stay tuned for details!