How to Hold Onto Your H.O.P.E.

As the Coronavirus affects lives it affects something else; hearts and minds. I was at the grocery store yesterday and was amazed. People were so afraid of each other it was…SCARY!

I have never seen people avoid each other like they did on that day. It got me thinking about a critical concept. Something we can’t let go of…


So in these dark, “Social Distancing” times, how do you hold onto your H.O.P.E.?

Four Steps to H.O.P.E.

Step #1: Help Where You Can

The woman who makes masks for free. The Teacher who grows and gives away food from her garden. These are examples of people helping where they can. Why?

When you’re afraid you can’t see the strategy. Now is the time to see where you can help and how.

Step #2: Optimistic

The Spanish Flu once killed 18,000,000 people. I’m not making light of the COVID-19 numbers. But remember something; Good times always come out of bad ones.

Stay optimistic about the future. After looking for the latest death and sickness rates, check the recovery rates for the Corona virus. These numbers may surprise you.

Step #3: Power Through It

Pray, meditate, be thankful, get work done. A quarantine doesn’t mean you stop taking action. It means you stop taking the actions that may cause harm.

Power through this time of a pandemic. What you get done for yourself and others will surprise you.

Step #4: Evaluate

There’s more information about the Corona virus than we can take in. The other day I realized something after a few news reports; I wasn’t getting all the right information.

After doing some digging I realized a profound truth; There are more people not affected by the virus than are. It’s important to evaluate what’s really happening around you.

The more clarity you get the better decisions you will make, so fear doesn’t make them for you.

Don’t lose the H.O.P.E. inside you. The more you show it the more contagious it will become to those around you!