How to E.N.D.U.R.E. Today to Reach Your Tomorrows

There are 6 lies we tell ourselves when it comes to our reaching our dreams. I will list these in another post, but let I will walk you through something else.

Along the “yellow brick road” of tomorrow are some things we don’t want to deal with. Failing to do so will keep you wandering in the wilderness like the Israelites did back in the day.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been learning about enduring things along my way to my dreams. What I have learned has changed my life. I’m sure it will change yours to.

Let’s bite into the meat of this acronym…


The beginning of most things is the exciting part of the journey. The “yes” to a wedding proposal, a “happy birthday”, especially if your birthday falls on Christmas. You’re excited, hopeful and smiling.

You hit the middle and OUCH! You’re not as excited as you used to be.

Keep your excitement alive in your endurance. Let it grow like Dandelions in your backyard that won’t go away no mater what you spray on them!

Never Give Up

Who said it would be easy? Who told you the lie it’s a “piece of cake” to reach your dreams? It’s not. That’s good, because now you see why only 8% of people reach their dreams.

They reach them, because they never give up. No matter what is thrown your way, who criticizes you, don’t ever give up on what you have started.


I heard someone say once, ‘success is boring.” They made this statement, because the wealthy, successful and powerful people do the same things each day.

True or not, here’s what I know…

When you wake up it’s time to work on your dream even when you don’t want to.

Diligence is doing what needs to be done without someone reminding you to do it, everyday.

Understand Your Season

Where are you along the path of chasing your dream? Are you in a season where you need to hire more help? Is it time to let someone or something go?

I learned once, if you don’t know the season you’re in, your efforts will end in frustration.

If you’re in a season of change, make the moves you need to make. Time to add, delete or try? Make it happen!


We all will fall on our face running or walking towards our dream. Good! Get up and do what needs to be done to bounce back.

A rally is motivating you and others to get back on the horse, wagon, skateboard, opportunity; whatever you were doing, fell off of and need to get back on.

Do it and you will get to where you need to be.

Assertive Action

Take it everyday. I kid you not, even when I’m laid up sick, which almost never happens, I’m working. I’m taking medicine, resting, praying to beat my sickness like a drum. I’m never idle.

I nearly died once several years ago. All I saw was the “unpacked suitcases” of what I had not done. When I got well, I went to work and haven’t stopped since.

Take assertive action, daily. Get done what needs to get done even if you don’t like it.

New Opportunities

A crazy thing about endurance. It opens your eyes to new opportunities. Makes sense when you consider, inventions are born out of necessity.

While enduring in the middle of life, keep your eyes open for opportunities to get you to your dreams.

Count Your Blessings

Stay free of the “I don’t have” trap. You have more than you realize. Problem is you mis what you have, because it’s nearby so it’s common to you.

It’s been my recent experience, you disregard what is common to you. People, places, things, you name it. Instead, count the blessings you have now.

They remind you of how rich you are long before your bank account catches up.

Enjoy Your Dream

A quick surprise about reaching your dreams. Once you do guess what? You have to start over. That’s right!

Being human dictates we’re rarely satisfied. When you accomplish a big goal or dream you want more. Hopefully it’s more than money, because money is never a solid end to a dream. It’s the illusion which drives you to madness in many ways.

Enjoy it when you reach a dream. Take it in. Appreciate you got there. Bask in the “sun” of it for awhile. Now work on the next DREAM!

Oh, nobody told you?

You get to reach as many dreams in your lifetime as you want!

Who told you there’s only one dream to have and reach in life? Tisk, tisk. Not so my friend! This crazy, beat up, hurt world needs all the dreams you can give it.