How to Deal with the Stress in Your Relationships

Several years ago I was reading a book. The title grabbed me so a I bought it. Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” showed me the way to better business and personal relationships.

Over time I learned this tip did something else in my relationships…

It lowered the stress.

Today, I want to share my version of this strategy from a stress relief standpoint.

The “Win-Win” Strategy for Your Relationships

The COVID-19 virus brought more than business shutdowns. It also brought shutdowns in relationships. Divorce and domestic violence soared. On the road “driver relationships” eroded.

There’s a better way to improve and heal stress relationships.

Step #1: Let Go

It’s easy to want to win in your relationships. We want to be right, heard and obeyed. What we can miss sometimes, is the other person needs those things and then they will give them to us.

When you find yourself in a stressful relationship at work or home, let go. Usually, what you’re holding onto isn’t worth it. Let the offense, comment or action go.

If you think it’s best, leave for awhile. Use your power to defuse a situation instead of making it rose.

Step #2: Set Your Mind the Night Before

The night before a day I set my mind. I lie down in bed. I walk through how I’m going to do things the next day. You can do this with your relationships.

Tell yourself how you will talk and act in your relationships. Walk through how you will react to what’s said or done to you. Here’s what key in this step…

When you overreact to someone’s actions they are controlling you! Break the spell, by setting your mind the night before.

Step #3: Offer an “Olive Branch”

Everyone wants something in a relationship. What are you not giving each other? Offer your “olive branch.” Buy them coffee. Give them a compliment. Thank them for something they did for you.

Today, people feel more alone and ignored than ever. Taking time to recognize or serve others goes a long way in lowering stress in relationships.

Step #4: Give it Time

COVID put us in the position to slow down. It gave us time to do what we miss most; working on missed opportunities. One of those is improving our different relationships.

Give your relationships time to grow and heal. If you do good thing can come out of it!

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