How to Break the “Are We There Yet?” Cycle of Health

The first time my mom took us to our family reunion in Roslyn, WA drove me nuts! The 90-minute drive felt like four hours. What was taking so long?

Along the way we saw nice landscapes, mountains, water and other vehicles. But my brothers and I couldn’t wait to experience the stories we heard…

*Delicious food you got to eat until you were stuffed

*Laughs with family and friends

*Games, more food and fun

I wanted to hurry up, get there and live it up! I envied the people who were already where I wanted to be.

The same happens when it comes to getting healthier. Fact is, we want the “end of the rainbow” version of health, because it has what we’re after. We see others in top shape and want to be where they’re at.

*Six-pack abs – Are we there yet?

*Excellent cardio – Are we there yet?

*Looking like I did in high school – Are we there yet?

I used to be this way until I discovered how to get off this “wheel.” It’s called TIME. I know, it’s not sexy, but I promise you it has teeth.

What You Need to Know About Time and Health

I learned time let’s me do a few things, which has helped me get healthier…

*Discovery: One day at a time I discovered which time of the day is best for me to hit the gym. Now I’m consistent with working out.

*Choice: Time has reminded me I have the power to choose when to take care of my well-being. This includes when to sleep, eat, etc.

*Slow Down: Getting healthier isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. I have learned to slow down, identify what works for me and practice it. I discovered, I used to love eating on the go, so I made poor food choices. That has changed, so I make better food choices.

I understand your frustration about getting to a healthier you. Instead use time to figure out what really works for your health. Fad diets, working out at midnight and other things may not work.

Taking time to create your health plan will break the “Are We There Yet” cycle and help you become a healthier you!

Time can also show you how to cut your calories the right way. Check out this Helpful Article…