How Massage Changes Your Perspective

Over the years, I’ve noticed something about my massage clients. The bright, hard-working champs they are, realize a BIG truth about themselves and massage therapy; Massage changes their perspective.

Before a massage you may be embroiled in a work or family drama. Your manager is driving you nuts. Your spouse hasn’t taken out the garbage on time for the eighth week in a row. Their may be end-of-life issues with a parent, grandparent or aunt. Bottom line, you’re stressed out and life feels like its closing in like a vice.

Opening the “floodgates” of stress will send your mind on a rampage you don’t want to be in front of. What do you do? Get a massage.

“Okay Clyde, this sounds pretty self-serving since you give massages.”

Yes, because not only do they serve me, but you too. Let me explain how massage changes your perspective.

Benefit #1: Breaks Your Stress Cycle

The little-known “Stress and Emotions Creation Cycle” has more power over you than you know. This six-step, grab you by the heart and soul system in your body, wreaks havoc when unchecked. Regular massages break its power, but lowering your blood pressure, thereby lowering your stress.

The more often you get massage the more your “Stress Hurricane” loses it’s power. Ever notice how good you feel after a massage? Did you say to yourself, ‘wow, my head feels lighter?” Your stress cycle was broken! Lower stress levels can help you see your circumstances from a better perspective.

Benefit #2: Calms Your Mind

Migraine sufferers have something in common. They have lower levels of endorphins and serotonin. These are the “feel-good” hormones in your body. Not only do they suffer from migraine pain, but also a stressed mindset.

Massage increases your serotonin and endorphin levels in your body. You feel better faster, because you’re getting what you need. I have clients who literally think clearer after they’re massages. Suddenly it becomes a bit easier to see things in a positive light.

Benefit #3: Increases Your Energy

Massage speeds up your blood circulation. It’s a jolt of energy your body needs to carry you through your day. Actor and Comedian Bob Hope once shared, two of his secrets for living long was from getting daily massages. His first secret I’m sure was LAUGHTER!

Getting massage on a regular basis increases your energy levels. Not bad for a natural high you don’t have to feel ashamed about.

How many massages should you get a month? Once a week is best to experience these benefits and others. At the least, twice a month is a great start. You can schedule the massage of your choice, below…

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