Do You Know a Bilingual Doctor In a “Border State?”

If you have family or friends in a “border state” like Texas or Arizona, chances are you or them know a bilingual doctor. Why is this important?

If they see patients who do business in Mexico, these doctors may be able to help more patients and add to their bottom line.

Statista.com shares some alarming health facts about Mexico. In 2017 the most common causes of death included…

*Heart conditions: 141.62 thousand deaths

*Diabetes Mellitus: 106,525 deaths

How can doctors in border states help? Besides the obvious good diet, exercise and sleeping regimens there’s an option they may not know about. *Although it can’t cure these conditions, doctors may find it useful for their patients.

It’s launching in Mexico on March 13, 2020. But bilingual doctors in border states can learn about it now. Have them watch this video about one of the Mexico Health Options, here.

If they want to know how to add this option to their practice they can request a short, online presentation with me at clyde@massageboat.com.

Here’s to your health and happiness!

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been reviewed by the Federal Drug Administration. These products are not intended to cure, treat