Deep-Tissue Massage Olympia, WA

Complaining of lower-back pain while sitting?  Tired of nagging tension headaches, affecting your thinking?  Relieve your ongoing muscle issues with the “Deep-Tissue Massage.”  This effective massage treatment offers lasting physical benefits.  Here are the top 5 reasons to get a Deep-Tissue Massage.

Reason #1: Speeds Up Injury Recovery:  Recovering from a work or auto accident injury takes time out of your schedule.  Deep-tissue massage can help speed up the process.  It breaks down the “knots” in your muscles to help you get mobile, faster.

Reason #2: Relieves Neck and Back Pain:  Chronic neck and back pain can lead to constant tension headaches.  It can also reduce serotonin levels, making your migraines, worse.  The deep-tissue massage quickly relaxes the muscles in your neck and back.  You will enjoy better posture, improved sleep and better performance at work.

Reason #3: It Doesn’t Hurt:  The term, “deep-tissue” is relative.  Everyone knows their comfort level, when it comes to this type of massage.  At Stress Relief Solutions, we use neuromuscular massage.  It combines deep-tissue with relaxation massage for a relaxing yet effective, deep-tissue massage experience.

Reason #4: Improves Your Posture:  Sitting at work for two or more hours puts pressure on your hamstring muscles.  It refers pain and tension to your lower-back and buttocks.  Deep-tissue massage loosens these muscles and improves your posture while sitting.  Better posture can decrease workplace injuries.

Reason #5: Relieves Tension Headaches:  They sneak up on you, usually at work.  Tension headaches are the most common type of headache.  The deep-tissue massage relieves the tension in your neck, face and head muscles.  It creates more mobility and clearer thinking.

To learn more about the effectiveness of deep-tissue massage, check out these studies.

Effectiveness of Deep-Tissue Massage.

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