Can Teamwork at Work Reduce Your Stress?

Every play a few rounds of Tug-of-War? Not easy, comfortable or clean, depending on where you play it. Here’s one thing for sure; It’s less stressful to do it with a team than by yourself! The same is true in your workplace.

You spend a majority of your life there. Love it or not working for someone else or yourself is easier with teamwork. If your company plays the “numbers games” each quarter working as a unit can keep stress at bay.

Is your team at work not working together? Has the stress risen in your workplace? If so, here are the top three benefits of working as a team.

Benefit #1: Less Stress for Everyone

According to a study done by CareerBuilder, the lower-ranks of a company are hit harder by stress than the higher ones. Check out who is most impacted…

  • Director/manager/supervisor/team leader: 69 percent
  • Professional/technical staff member: 58 percent
  • Entry level/administrative/clerical: 61 percent

Working together on projects and daily work habits can lower stress. Work life is more fun and productive when everyone is pulling their weight and the end is near.

Benefit #2: Can Increase Profitability

A disengaged workforce can take their eye off the “profit ball.” Profitability is more than about money. It’s profitable to get more done in less time as a team. Everyone profits when there’s harmony in the workplace. But the “bottom line” matters, too.

Forbes and Gallup share that businesses are 21% more profitable when their teams are engaged. Companies with disengaged teams or employees cost companies up to $550 billion a year!

Benefit #3: Better Understanding and Production

We fear what we don’t understand. And what we don’t understand can stress you out. According to the American Institute of Stress, 26% of employees say their coworkers stress them out.

Different personality types mesh at work. Sometimes this can cause you to “butt heads” with coworkers. The better you understand each other the more productive you can be. Why?

More gets done when you’re “good” with the person you’re working next to.

As a Supervisor, Manager or CEO it’s important you know if good teamwork is happening in your workplace. Your company, customers and bottom line will benefit with cohesive employees in a low-stress environment.

By the way…

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