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Sales Pros: Do You Care About This?

When I sold advertising products for publications I was under the gun. Each month I had a to hit a number. Hitting or missing that number determined my level of performance. Was a I “bringing home the bacon” or not? Sales Professionals have to endure something else. How often it happens can cause an ironic problem; it can lower…

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Why Speed “Kills” in Work Injuries

One day at a retirement home a Nurse runs towards a client’s room. She got an alert the client fell. She reaches the open door and dashes through. One problem; she didn’t see the puddle of water, first. She fell and landed on her back. At work speed is an epidemic for professionals. The “speed” of the internet has…

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Is This Threatening Your Productivity?

If you’re working from home, my hat is off to you. As a mom or dad with kids, staying productive during this pandemic isn’t easy. But somehow you get the job done. One thing may be threatening your productivity. You feel it in your neck, back and shoulder muscles. It stops you from working in “the flow.” It causes…

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Are You Managing These as an Accountant?

According to CareerBuilder.com CPA’s can work 60-80 hours, per week during tax season. Believe me I get it. My CPA is a workhorse and manages her time like guards at Fort Knox. But there’s something else you may not be managing. Not doing so can lead to… *Tension-type headaches affecting your concentration and accuracy when calculating your clients numbers…

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Attention Accountants: Why It’s Time to “Wage War” on Your Stress

You may not have read about it in the “Journal of Accountancy.” It’s possible it wasn’t mentioned in the “The CPA Journal.” But it was briefly mentioned in “Accounting Today.” According to this leading publication for accounting pros, 48% of Accountants shared they’re stress is increasing, due to their work. If you’re a hard-charging, get-it-done-right CPA who doesn’t leave…

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How to Hold Onto Your H.O.P.E.

As the Coronavirus affects lives it affects something else; hearts and minds. I was at the grocery store yesterday and was amazed. People were so afraid of each other it was…SCARY! I have never seen people avoid each other like they did on that day. It got me thinking about a critical concept. Something we can’t let go of……

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Overcome Your F.E.A.R.

Looking at the numbers the COVID-19 virus looks overwhelming. If you check the CDC website, things may look bleak. The “facts” are everywhere. Some are true and some aren’t. In our local grocery stores where I live the shelves have been emptied of certain items. Toilet paper, meat and dairy products just to name a few. People are moved…

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How to Break the “Are We There Yet?” Cycle of Health

The first time my mom took us to our family reunion in Roslyn, WA drove me nuts! The 90-minute drive felt like four hours. What was taking so long? Along the way we saw nice landscapes, mountains, water and other vehicles. But my brothers and I couldn’t wait to experience the stories we heard… *Delicious food you got to…

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Trying to Control My Eating Used to Feel Like…

Doritos. The one cheesy, delicious, ever-tasty chip I couldn’t shake. Toss in a cheeseburger with fries and I was HOOKED! That’s the tough part I had about food control… I had none. The journey I’ve been on with my health since 2016 has been a battle. But it’s one I have finally gotten under control. These days I eat…

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Do You Know a Bilingual Doctor In a “Border State?”

If you have family or friends in a “border state” like Texas or Arizona, chances are you or them know a bilingual doctor. Why is this important? If they see patients who do business in Mexico, these doctors may be able to help more patients and add to their bottom line. Statista.com shares some alarming health facts about Mexico….

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