Is This Threatening Your Productivity?

If you’re working from home, my hat is off to you. As a mom or dad with kids, staying productive during this pandemic isn’t easy. But somehow you get the job done. One thing may be threatening your productivity. You feel it in your neck, back and shoulder muscles. It stops you from working in […]

What Anxiety Does to Your Muscles

According to www.healthline.com, there are “Twelve Affects of Anxiety On the Body.”  Today, I want to focus on the eleventh thing anxiety does to you.  Anxiety causes muscle pain and tension.  Why is this important? Anxiety can ignite your “Stress and Emotions Creation Cycle.”  This is the cycle which causes stress to affect your emotions, […]

Easing Into “Slow Mode”

Racing down the highway on a rainy day. Running errands like the Energizer Bunny on a Friday afternoon. These are just some of the ways we live in “Urgency Mode.” I’ll tell ya what my friends; living in the “Crazy Zone” isn’t working for you anymore. Why do I say this? In my 23-year career […]