8 Stressors to Avoid Working from Home

Working from home isn’t easy. You get to avoid commutes and workplace triggers. If you’re not careful, these eight stressors will drive you nuts, working from home.

1. Time Stress

You’re working from home. But you still have a job to do. You’re not exempt from being on time. Avoid the stressor of creating unnecessary “time stress.”

This is where you keep hitting the “snooze button.” You believe since there’s no commute, you can sleep a little later. Looking presentable for online meetings. Looking and feeling rested. Wearing the right clothing. All of these things still take time.

The top work-from-home rule is this; act as if you’re still going into the office. This will keep you on your game.

2. Procrastination

Your loved ones love having you around more. This can mean your “to-do-list” outside your home office, can interfere with your work. Procrastination says, “Yes, I can run to the store right quick.” Or “Yes, I can run that errand for you.”

Uh, no.

The more “uber runs” you make the less work you get done. Don’t burn up your “productivity clock.” Put your hide in the chair and get crackin! Getting more done can mean less stress in your workday.

3. Impromptu Meetings

You have a break. You hope on a quick Zoom with a friend. You scroll through Facebook or Instagram, chatting. Soon, you may have multiple “impromptu meetings.” You have to rush back to work in your home office.

Impromptu meetings waste time. They send you down “rabbit holes.” Avoid them. Why? You may end up on a topic, which is already a work stressor. Stick to your schedule and current project. Your impromptu meetings can wait.

4. Technical Issues

Ever get ready for a big Zoom meeting? Many coworkers will be on it. Maybe you’re the keynote for this one. And wham! Your internet goes out. Something is wrong with your Zoom settings. Your power chord isn’t long enough.

Technical issues are to work what fireworks are to dry grass. Test, test, test before working from home. Make sure everything is working one to two hours before you hop online.

Let’s be honest. When everything works well online, working from home is less stressful!

5. Bored Children

You love em to death. However, children are not to be toyed with. Don’t leave them to boredom. Find creative ways to keep them occupied. Working from home requires a separation from everyone there. Otherwise, constant interruptions will happen.

Movies, outdoor tasks, drawing. What are your children into? You may say “video games.” If that works in your household, perfect! Point is, don’t let boredom watch your children, while you’re working from home.

6. Household Chores

I love a concept I learned a few years ago. Do things the night before. Do a tour of your home. What household chores can you do tonight? What would free you up to work in peace the next day? Do them!

This way you won’t be tempted to clean out your garage at lunch. You can go about your work day not doing household chores. The more you don’t have to do the more you can do.

7. Cluttered Workspace

This melds into avoiding the sixth stressor. However, it deserves it’s own mention. Few people can work effectively in a cluttered workspace. Get yours squared away.

Make sure things are easy to find and reach. Here’s your litmus test. If you can’t reach for or find something in two seconds or less, get better organized.

Uncluttered workspaces remove distractions. You won’t be distracted by “procrastination points” in your home office. Having an organized workspace sets your mind, creativity and productivity, free.

8. Undone Work Tasks

“Wait, did I email that client? “Hold on, where is that folder I had in my files?” Undone work tasks raise your stress. What’s undone doubles what you have to do next time.

The night before check your work tasks. Have you replaced your low laptop battery? Did you schedule the Zoom meeting like you meant to? I make a daily task list. It saves me. It will save you.

Write down everything you need to get done. Mark off what does get done. Move the “undone” tasks to the next day. At least you’re seeing what needs to be done.

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