Trying to Control My Eating Used to Feel Like…

Doritos. The one cheesy, delicious, ever-tasty chip I couldn’t shake. Toss in a cheeseburger with fries and I was HOOKED! That’s the tough part I had about food control… I had none. The journey I’ve been on with my health since 2016 has been a battle. But it’s one I have finally gotten under control. […]

Do You Know a Bilingual Doctor In a “Border State?”

If you have family or friends in a “border state” like Texas or Arizona, chances are you or them know a bilingual doctor. Why is this important? If they see patients who do business in Mexico, these doctors may be able to help more patients and add to their bottom line. shares some alarming […]

Why I Kept Dozing Off At Stoplights…

The honk of the horn behind me said it all. I snapped awake. I was close to the convenience store to get my “fix” of Doritos and juice. I felt like I had been asleep for an hour. It was long enough for the driver behind me to honk and wake me up. What happened? […]

Can Teamwork at Work Reduce Your Stress?

Every play a few rounds of Tug-of-War? Not easy, comfortable or clean, depending on where you play it. Here’s one thing for sure; It’s less stressful to do it with a team than by yourself! The same is true in your workplace. You spend a majority of your life there. Love it or not working […]

How to E.N.D.U.R.E. Today to Reach Your Tomorrows

Injury Treatment Massage Bear Olympia, WA

There are 6 lies we tell ourselves when it comes to our reaching our dreams. I will list these in another post, but let I will walk you through something else. Along the “yellow brick road” of tomorrow are some things we don’t want to deal with. Failing to do so will keep you wandering […]

You Have the Power To…

Lies. The negative stories we tell ourselves each day. They steal your opportunities, peace-of-mind and relaxed state. Why do we do this to ourselves? How come we believe it when we tell ourselves we can’t do “X” or have “Y.?” Who put these fantasies into our precious minds? We DID! Today I’m going to let […]

What Anxiety Does to Your Muscles

According to, there are “Twelve Affects of Anxiety On the Body.”  Today, I want to focus on the eleventh thing anxiety does to you.  Anxiety causes muscle pain and tension.  Why is this important? Anxiety can ignite your “Stress and Emotions Creation Cycle.”  This is the cycle which causes stress to affect your emotions, […]

When You Work Too Much…

I’ve seen it too many times. Clients who work themselves to the bone. One reason is because of their workload. The American Institute of Stress says 46% of American employees complain their workload is the main source of their daily stress. Why do we work so hard? One reason is because, it’s “The American Way.” […]