What Are Your “Stress Points?”

Steven Spilberg admits he’s still afraid to go into the water, years after making JAWS. Countless people are scared to take a shower with the bathroom door unlocked, because of the movie, “Psycho.” They’re experiencing their “stress points.” What Are “Stress Points?” You experience them mostly at work and home. It’s the coworker who keeps […]

How Massage Changes Your Perspective

Over the years, I’ve noticed something about my massage clients. The bright, hard-working champs they are, realize a BIG truth about themselves and massage therapy; Massage changes their perspective. Before a massage you may be embroiled in a work or family drama. Your manager is driving you nuts. Your spouse hasn’t taken out the garbage […]

Easing Into “Slow Mode”

Racing down the highway on a rainy day. Running errands like the Energizer Bunny on a Friday afternoon. These are just some of the ways we live in “Urgency Mode.” I’ll tell ya what my friends; living in the “Crazy Zone” isn’t working for you anymore. Why do I say this? In my 23-year career […]