Why Change is Good

The massive set of dominoes looked perfect! Each one was set at an angle. To change this would be near “blasphemy.” With one tip of a finger the man nudged one domino forward. It started a chain reaction. Soon, the domino’s were falling, creating a symphony of synchronized movement. They all fell and revealed a […]

The “Dirty Habit” That Cleans Your Mind

The rocks go “crunch, crunch” as I walk along the lake path. Puffs of dirt settle onto my shoes and I’m not pleased. But something wonderful has just happened; I solved a PROBLEM I couldn’t before. At times I might step wet grass crossing one path to get to another. Other times I may catch […]

How You Hold Yourself Back

People are funny. We have the incredible ability to stop ourselves from doing what want to do. Here’s the scariest part… Nobody forces us to do it. How do you hold yourself back? Here 5 barriers we use to “Houdini” ourselves into missing the opportunities we deserve. Barrier #1: Caring About What Others Think After […]