Stressed Out by Coworkers?

Years ago as an employee, there were days I showed up and coworkers got on my nerves. I guarantee you they had days I did the same to them. Ever wonder why gossip, clicks and other issues happen at work? Why most employees aren’t fond of their managers or supervisors? As a business owner you […]

How to Deal with Loss

Recently I lost it over a technical problem in my business.  I was angry, resentful and frustrated.  It cranked my stress up like a Space Shuttle takeoff! I felt like nobody was listening to me and didn’t care.  The “victim mentality” had kicked in big time!  Why did I have the visceral, upsetting response to […]

Are You Tired of This?

We’re taught from birth to put others first. There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s the way you remember to serve and not constantly focus on yourself. One thing to remember… You matter too! This is why settling for less and minimal growth won’t serve you or others. You’ve heard these sayings before…. “Not enough month […]